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Help with chores or rides to services

Members provide services for each other. For example, a ride to the doctor's office, for groceries, even light home maintenance or help with computer problems!

Part of a Vibrant Community

I’ll continue to be part of a vibrant community of people who serve as “good neighbors” to each other, and enjoy socializing together.

Keep up to date on important information

 Downtowners will continue to keep me informed on issues I need to be aware of as I age.

Help navigating the aging process

 Downtowners will make resources available to help me prepare for and successfully navigate the realities of the aging process – including gradual or sudden changes

Connect me with helpful and necessary resources

Downtowners (our Executive Director) will be able to help me understand options and resources that are available in our community to support me in maintaining a high quality of life while living at home, when my needs change.

Alert me to new or unknown resources

Downtowners (our Executive Director) will be in touch with me periodically to see if there are any resources I could benefit from that I was not aware of.

Saves me money

 If Downtowners’ support helps me stay in my own home and out of an Assisted Living Facility even one more day than I would have without Downtowners, I’ll save between $165 and $200 daily.

Less expense than other alternatives

In the meantime, I’ll be receiving all of the social benefits and support services Downtowners has to offer, for about $13/month for a single member ($20 per couple).  That’s just 44 cents a day (66 cents for couples).  It's equivalent to the cost of a cup of coffee per week at a local coffee shop.  And it’s less than the cost I would pay for any single JOC service (like a ride, small maintenance task, tech help, or plant/pet care while I’m on vacation), if I had called a professional provider instead.

Payment Plan and reduced fees

If I want to spread out my dues payments, Downtowners is now offering an option to make two payments (occurring every 6 months), instead of one annual payment.  For members whose Household Income is below a threshold of 50% of Area Median Income ($25,850 single/$29,550 couple), Downtowners will offer a 50% reduction in the dues fee. 

Reduce load on children

If you have children:  having the support of Downtowners can lighten the load our children have to carry by providing services that meet our needs and providing information about options that are available when unexpected needs arise.

Downtowners will be here for a long time

Downtowners will still be here to support me in aging successfully in my home, many years in the future! 

Executive Director Hours By Appointment:  Monday 9am-4pm,   Wednesday 9am-4pm,  Friday 9am-3pm